About ~ Suzanne

Suzanne Louise Coleman: weaver, spinner, beader, dreamer, Gemini, vegetarian.  That sums up the most important bits!

I’m American, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Restless to explore the world outside that east-coast steel town, I “split for the Coast” in the early 70s, as so many of us restless spirits did in those days.

I spent 30+ fabulous years in California, until I had the urge to move on once again. In 2000, I moved to England, where I now live with my lovely English husband Michael, my naughty cat Sophie, and a caravan named Bob.

I am a licensed nurse, credentialed teacher, certified massage therapist, qualified homoeopath, and certified Weaving Circle Leader. One of my passions is working with fibre, especially weaving and spinning. My first and most enduring love is bead weaving and bead embroidery.

I love sharing those passions with others, so come join me for a workshop sometime!

Beady Wooly Love,

Suzanne Louise Coleman (nee Dougherty, nee Roush)


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